For years, I struggled with rosacea and sensitive skin issues. Most products irritated my skin and when I finally found products that worked, they came with an expensive price tag.

Frustrated with the whole process, I enlisted the help of my brother-in-law, Chad, and decided to create a line of skin care products that would be 100% natural, gentle, effective, and affordable.

M&C Naturals is a company that believes in complete transparency. We list absolutely everything that goes into our products rather than lumping certain ingredients together, such as “pure essential oils”.

Our ingredients have been carefully selected from trustworthy sources and we hand-craft each product in the USA, without the use of harsh chemicals, parabens, gluten, GMO’s, and sodium lauryl sulfates.

Many of our ingredients are also certified organic and we never test on animals. We feel very strongly that our customers understand and see every ingredient that goes into the products they are using.

In addition, it’s our mission to ensure anyone who chooses to live a healthy lifestyle have access to reasonably-priced skin care solutions. You will find many of the same ingredients in our products that are available in high-end, expensive cosmetic lines.

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Melissa Rau, Co-Founder